Re-Entering Guidelines for Norrisville & St. Paul UM Churches

St. Paul UMC and Norrisville UMC weekly services have resumed, but all other scheduled events are cancelled until further notice.

Weekly church services are being live streamed on Facebook and posted to YouTube and online giving is available through PayPal.

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These are long, but it is essential that you read all of this before coming to worship! 


These guidelines are for now, not forever; they are just adjustments we must make to keep everyone as safe as possible. We need to love and care for each other more than ever right now! Jesus said to love our neighbors as we love ourselves!


Plan to have these or other guidelines in place until a vaccine or treatment is available to all. Worship will most likely not look or feel the same for a long time. If and when a resurgence happens, things will change again. 


If you are unable to follow these guidelines, please worship with us at home, not on the church property.


The nature of any pandemic also means that things are highly subject to change, so be prepared for new info. 


Also, each church will have its own guidelines, depending on denomination, location, demographics of the congregation, etc. There is no one size fits all. If you hear of good ideas from other churches, please share them, but we may or may not be able to use them. 


As small-ish churches with surrounding yards and parking lots, we are in a much better situation to have worship options than many urban or suburban congregations. Many large churches are not even considering worshipping together until later in the summer.


The church and hall will be cleaned and sanitized before and after each gathering.


  • Masks must be worn at all times, in the parking lot and in the buildings; please bring your own or you will have to stay in your car -- we don't have extras at church. The pastor will take hers off to speak, to make it easier to hear and understand, but will remain safely apart from everyone else. Depending on how many people show up for worship, if we have plenty of room to spread out (more than 15 feet) you may be able to remove your mask during the service. 


  • At least 6 feet of social distancing will be maintained at all times. Families in the same household may sit together. 

  • There is to be no physical contact: no hugging, hand shakes, fist or elbow bumps, etc. I wish this were different, but it won't be for a long time. 


  • People who are vulnerable should stay home and watch on-line. Do not come to church if you are feeling sick or if someone at home is sick. 

  • Attendance will be tracked. Anyone not in our directory must give a phone number or email in case contact tracing is required. 


  • There will be no Sunday School, nor toys nor children's books present in worship. There will be no shared crayons for the kids (please bring your own, and take them home again.) Children must stay with their family at all times. If they might wander, or get excited at seeing a friend, please keep them in the car. 


  • Bulletins and children's coloring pages will be emailed out in advance. Please print and bring it with you. None will be available at church. 


  • Microphones will not be passed around.


  • There will be no singing. (Singing is like an athletic activity, and our breath aerosolizes and sprays farther than we think.)


  • Cars should be parked every other parking space, or not close together. You may bring a lawn chair and sit outside of your car, but not close to other families. You may not use chairs from inside the church at this time. 


  • Pews will be taped off inside the church, which we will be able to use for up to 50 people in the event of bad weather. Families may sit together -- 1 family per pew; individuals must be spaced out. 


  • Only one person at a time inside a restroom. Please do not use the restrooms unless absolutely necessary. You cannot enter the building without a mask. Bathrooms will not be sanitized between people in during worship. 


  • No printed materials, bibles or hymnals or bulletins can be used, or be in the pew racks. 


  • Offerings will be collected carefully, with no passing of plates. Please continue electronic giving if possible. Counting of offering will be done safely. 


  • When we are taping the service, please don't use last names, or specific identifiers for prayers concerns. Use only first names. 


  • When communion is served, it is pre-prepared and bagged for each car (there will be enough for your family). It might be wise to bring straws or small cups for the juice, and a napkin for spills. Or, feel free to take it home to share there. 


Remember, if guests come to worship with us -- and we hope they will! -- please do your best to be friendly and welcoming in this strange time, still allowing for social distancing. 


Worship Starts at 8:15am

2036 Telegraph Rd.

Pylesville, MD 21136

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If you have a prayer request, please click the image below.  Please feel free to remain anonyomus if you choose.

Woman with Bible

Worship Starts at 9:30am

2811 W. Church Lane

White Hall, MD 21161

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*June 20, 2020*

Drive Thru Strawberry Festival

St. Paul UMC

3pm - 6pm

November 3, 2020

FREE Spaghetti Election Night Dinner

Norrisville UMC

4pm - 8pm

*TENTATIVE - June 15 - 19, 2020*

Vacation Bible School

Norrisville UMC

9am - 11:30am

*May change to June 22 - 26 depending on last day of school*


November 21, 2020

Christmas Bazaar

St. Paul UMC

9am - 1pm

August 15, 2020

Peach Festival

St. Paul UMC

3pm - 7pm

December 5, 2020

Christmas Breakfast

Norrisville UMC

7am - 10am


We, at Norrisville United Methodist Charge, are committed to mission and outreach, in our community and beyond, offering our hands, hearts, and gifts to those in need.  We seek to have a deeper relationship with God through Jesus Christ and to help others know God's love.


St. Paul UMC

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Norrisville UMC

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White Hall, MD 21161


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