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Greetings from Norrisville & St. Paul United Methodist Churches!


We welcome you to in-person worship during this time. We are also live every Sunday morning on Facebook, or you can watch past sermons on our Youtube channel, Norrisville United Methodist Charge. Masking is optional; if there is a dramatic uptake in virus, we will reinstate our mask policy. Social distancing is possible in our sanctuary. Please be safe.

Sunflower Dates: 

1.) September 23rd- September 25th

2.) September 30th- October 2nd

3.) October 7th- October 9th

Money raised from our Sunflower project has helped families and individuals in crisis and provided funds to support local community projects led by school, scout, and church groups. Funds have been used for such things as housing, transportation, funeral, and medical needs, as well as emergency payments to fire and accident victims, and to area food banks. Your support will help us to grow our mission, and to expand benefits to individuals, families, and groups in need!

Norrisville's Worship starts at 9:30 A.M.

St. Paul's Worship starts at 8:15 A.M.


You can also watch our worship online at Norrisville United Methodist Charge on Facebook or YouTube. If you'd like to participate in our offering, please use the PayPal button or mail a check to either church. Mailing addresses are listed below. 

Mailing Address for Norrisville --  2811 E. Church Lane. White Hall, MD 21161

Mailing Address for St. Paul -- 4943 St. Paul Church Rd. Pylesville, MD 21136


Check our website for last-minute weather changes: 

or call 410-459-0894

About Us


We, at Norrisville United Methodist Charge, are committed to mission and outreach, in our community and beyond. Offering our hands, hearts, and gifts to all those in need. We seek to have a deeper relationship with God through Jesus Christ and to help others know God's love. We welcome everyone to our table, and we hope to have the opportunity to share God's love with you. 


Worship Starts at 8:15am

2036 Telegraph Rd.

Pylesville, MD 21136

Handicap Accessible


If you have a prayer request, please click the image below.  Please feel free to remain anonyomus if you choose.

Woman with Bible

Worship Starts at 9:30am

2811 W. Church Lane

White Hall, MD 21161

Handicap Accessible

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