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Norrisville and St. Paul Cemetery Regulations

In order to keep our cemetery in good condition, and to avoid rising costs of upkeep, the church and cemetery needs to enforce the following rules:  

  • No flowers or other decorations on ground in mowing season; no glass containers.

  • Wreaths and flowers on headstones will be removed when out of season or discolored.    

  • No planting of flowers around or near headstones; no gardens.

  • Headstones and footstones must be made of permanent material (stone); no wooden materials or other degradable may be used. 

  • Any headstone, footstone or other permanent remembrance must be authorized by the cemetery authorities before placement to determine proper placement. 

  • No more than 3 burials per individual lot (that can include 1 casket and 2 urns, or 3 urns). We do not permit 2 caskets in one lot. 

  • All casket burials must be in an outer container (grave liner or vault). 

  • No urns or ashes can be buried without permission of the cemetery. 

  • The church and cemetery are not responsible for thefts of flowers or other decorations from the cemetery. We strongly advise that expensive items are not left on the grounds, because they are unattended. 

  • Any damage done to headstones or footstones is the responsibility of the family (often covered by homeowners’ insurance), not the church or cemetery. (Damage includes any wear from weather, age, or vandalism.) 

  • We urge you to provide a permanent marker for your loved one as soon as possible after burial. Temporary markers will be removed for mowing purposes.

The cemetery reserves the right to make any decisions about the cemetery. When lots are purchased, it does not mean that an individual or family owns the property, but that they are buying the right of burial only, under the established guidelines of the cemetery.

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